The brain child of Fritz and Marie Laeng was established in Burgdorf, Switzerland in 1925. Fritz Laeng was fascinated by sound technology and along with his wife they decided to set up their own electronics company. Due to the driving, passionate spirit of Marie and the demand for turntables they started production in a small factory, decided to name their company Lenco, (which was based upon their family name) and in 1946 the enterprise was born.

In 1953, the Laeng’s came into contact with Ex Libris, a Swiss made book and record club and to optimize the commercial opportunities for both, they decided to cooperate and Lenco started selling turntables through the Ex Libris sales channel. In no time at all the joint venture proved highly successful and the orders for more turntables flourished.

Their two sons joined the family business, the company outgrew their factory in Burgdorf, expanded to a larger premises in Oberburg and started to produce two different types of turntable both of which owed their success to the fact that their speed was fully adjustable. This was particularly popular in dance schools.

Their key selling points which still stand today were the reliability of their players and their excellent technical service. The reputation of the brand was born: always striving for perfection and producing quality precision turntables.

During the sixties and seventies the company continued to grow in Oberburg and the joint venture with Ex Libris remained strong so they set up another factory in Osimo, Italy where they put into production gramophones, cassette decks and small motors. With the demand and interest in Hi-Fi equipment increasing they sustained more growth adding factories in Little Steg, in the RhĂ´nevalley. At that point over the three locations Lenco employed one thousand, three hundred staff and produced turntables for export to over eighty countries world-wide.

In 1997 Lenco was taken over by the STL Group in Venlo, Netherlands, a company that boasts over thirty years of producing consumer electronics. In 2010 the positive step with STL has moved production to a whole new level, bringing Lenco to the UK and acting as a forefront leader of modern design and technology. Lenco has now extended their eye catching range to; iPod docking stations, home cinema systems, micro audio systems, portable and home DVD players, headphones, MP3/4 players and clock radios.